Nurses Day at the Capitol

Nurses Day at the Capitol 2017

THANK YOU to all who attended Nurses Day at the Capitol 2017!

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Looking forward to next year?

Nurses Day at the Capitol will be on Thursday, March 1, 2018!

What’s Nurses Day at the Capitol?

Nurses Day at the Capitol is designed to help nurses in Wisconsin appreciate the importance of their role in influencing health policy and affecting change in their practice. The intent is for nurses to take the information learned at Nurses Day and use it to advocate for better nursing practice and better patient care in their work environments and communities, and ultimately to advance the profession of nursing. There is an opportunity to arrange a meeting with your legislator and/or tour the Capitol in the afternoon. About 500 RNs, APRNs, student nurses, and nursing faculty participate each year!

2017 Agenda

Additional Activities

  • Plan to tour the State Capitol! Go to for all the information you need for your visit.
  • Plan to visit your legislator and lobby on issues important to the profession of nursing. Choose to make an appointment on your own, or WNA can help! (Registration by January 31 required for WNA to make the appointment)


WNA’s Public Policy Agenda for the Biennium
WNA Positions on Legislation
How a Bill Becomes a Law in Wisconsin
Workplace Violence Presentation
Communicating With Legislators Presentation
APRN Legislation Presentation

visiting with a legislator:

Please contact the WNA office with questions at 800.362.3959 or