What is a Committee?


WNA’s Committees perform the work on an on-going basis that is assigned by the Board of Directors or the membership.


  1. Committee appointments are made for two years from Annual Meeting (odd years) to Annual Meeting (odd years).
  2. The chair of each committee will be selected by members of the committee unless otherwise designated.
  3. A majority of committee members will be WNA members.
  4. A report of committee activities will be provided to the  the Board of Directors at lease annually.
  5. Minutes be taken at each meeting by a member of the committee and be distributed to committee members.  The original copy shall be retained in the WNA office.
  6. A committee may choose to develop subcommittees.
  7. WNA staff members will not be appointed to serve on WNA committees.


  1. Elect a chairperson at the first meeting following the Annual Meeting.
  2. Review the functions of the committee as written in WNA’s Policy and Procedures Manual.
  3. Adhere to allocations identified in the operating budget.
  4. Report and be accountable to the membership and the Board.
  5. Collaborate with the WNA Chief executive, or designee, in carrying out committee activities.

List of Committees:

  1. Awards
  2. Bylaws
  3. Finance
  4. Personnel
  5. Reference
  6. Nominating

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