Healthy Nurses for Wisconsin

Healthy Nurses for Wisconsin


WNA’s Healthy Nurses for Wisconsin Mutual Interest Group intends to make the health of nurses in Wisconsin a top priority by building capacity in two ways:

  1. Promoting outreach and engagement among nurses to support and improve their health.
  2. Transferring the individual nurse health improvement strategies and skills gained to improve the health of their patients who are at risk for chronic disease.


Data at the state and national levels paint a troubling picture of the health of nurses, our nation’s most numerous health care providers! Data show nurses are at risk for and experience overweight, obesity, sedentary lifestyles, hypertension, and poor sleep hygiene.

Contributors to their health status can be linked to their high-demand roles and shift work coupled in a complex interaction of factors such as lack of time for self, fatigue, nutritional choices, and health promotion knowledge. Nutrition, physical activity, sleep contribute to hypertension.

By teaming nurses with other nurses positive changes can occur at the individual level within the institutions or organizations they work.

Join WNA’s Healthy Nurses for Wisconsin Mutual Interest Group

Membership consists of:

  • Nurses who are interested in being a coach/support person.
  • Nurses who are on the journey of improving their health and wanting support
  • Nurses who would like to begin the journey on improving their health.

WNA is partnering with ANA on the following activities:

  • Individual participation in the ANA Health Risk Appraisal
  • Identifying the best resources aimed at informing on improving health
  • Interactive website with access to live support

Membership is free and open to any RN or LPN.

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