Mutual Interest Groups (MIG)

What is a MIG?


A Mutual Interest Group (MIG) is comprised of members who have common interests and needs who meet together for educational advancement, networking, and dissemination of information in their area of nursing interest.


  1. Each MIG must apply for and be approved by the WNA Board of Directors and enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with WNA.
  2. Each MIG shall adopt Operating Guidelines
  3. MIGs which fail to comply with WNA Bylaws, WNA Policy & Procedures, or have been inactive for greater than one year, may be dissolved by a 2/3 vote of the WNA Board of Directors.  Three months written notice shall be given to the MIG in question before the vote is taken.


  1. MIG’s shall support the work of the Councils as requested by providing expertise on ad hoc committees, Task Forces, and Council work.

List of current MIGs:

  1. Wisconsin Environmental Health Nurses Coalition (WEHNC)
  2. Wisconsin Faith Health Nurses Coalition (WFHNC)
  3. APRN Forum
  4. Waukesha County
  5. St. Croix Valley

Want to be involved? Contact WNA and fill out this Consent to Serve