Task Forces

What is a Task Force?


A Task Force is a special committee that is created by the Board when the need arises to carry out a specified task.


  1. Task Forces carry out a specified task, at the completion of which–that is, on presentation of its final report to the assembly–it automatically ceases to exist.
  2. The Board of Directors facilitates and monitors the activities of task forces.
  3. The outcome or product of the task forces will be reported to the Board of Directors and when appropriate to the membership at the Annual Meeting.
  4. Unless a subcommittee is specifically empowered to make its recommendations to the Board of Directors, a subcommittee will make its recommendations to the parent Committee first for its approval.


  1. Elect a chairperson at the first meeting following the Annual Meeting.
  2. Review the functions of the committee as written in WNA’s Policy and Procedures Manual.
  3. Adhere to allocations identified in the operating budget.
  4. Report and be accountable to the membership and the Board.
  5. Collaborate with the WNA Chief executive, or designee, in carrying out task force activities.

List of Task Forces:

  1. Prescription Drug Epidemic
  2. Emerging Role of the Nurse
  3. Inter-professional Education
  4. Academic Progression
  5. Healthy Nurse

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