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May 2017

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WNA is working on political advocacy for nurses and patients along with professional development strategies to support nursing practice, competence, and personal health.

Nurse Workforce Health, Rights, & Safety


APRN Modernization Act WNA is working with the Advanced Practice Registered Nurses Coalition to develop legislation entitled the “APRN Modernization Act.” APNs
Board of Nursing Rules Revision Update WNA is tracking the status of Board of Nursing proposed changes to the following Nursing Administrative Rules: N1 & N2 Go to WNA website for info. RNs
Board of Nursing Rule Revision – Guidelines WNA met with the Board of Nursing to discuss content related to prescribing of controlled substances. The guidelines are found on the WNA website. APNPs
Addressing Workplace Violence Surveying nurses regarding the prevalence of violence in the workplace. RNs
Healthy Nurses for Wisconsin MIG Members of WNA’s Healthy Nurses for Wisconsin Mutual Interest Group (MIG) are working on the strategic plan.  Join the Healthy for Nurses MIG on our website under the “Groups” tab. RNs
Telemedicine/ Telehealth WNA continues to participate on the interdisciplinary Task Force to identify regulatory issues for practicing telehealth. RNs

Continued Competence & Conferences

WNA Fall Learning Symposium: September – October in Green Bay  WNA Beyond 50%: Accurate BP Measurement (Webinar)

Appropriate Nurse Staffing & Nurse Shortage



Healthcare Workforce Planning The Wisconsin Council on Medical Education and Workforce (WCMEW), of which WNA is a member, focuses on healthcare workforce data and health care delivery design models. RNs
Patient-Centered Team-Based Care Launched publication and related website on the Wisconsin Concentric Model of Patient-Centered Team-Based Care. RNs
Nurse Faculty Advocating for funding to increase the supply of nurse faculty. RNs
New RN Grads WNA’s Mentorship Committee is continuing its mentorship program for WNA members. RNs
Future Nursing Leader Award WNA’s Mentorship Committee continued WNA’s Future Nursing Leader Award this past Spring. Five graduating nurses won the award this semester. RNs
Future of Nursing WNA is partnering with the members of the Wisconsin Nursing Coalition to identify strategies for continuation of the recommendations from the WI Action Coalition. RNs

Patient Safety/Advocacy


Prescription drug abuse epidemic WNA is a member of the Wisconsin Coalition for Prescription Drug Abuse Reduction, which is a collaborative effort with the Wisconsin Hospital Association, Wisconsin Medical Society, Rep. Nygren, and Attorney General Brad Schimel RNs
Patient-Centered Team-Based Care WNA is surveying health system leaders regarding the extent of team-based care that is taking place within their organizations related to primary care, hypertension, and diabetes. RNs
PEOLC Nursing Coalition MIG Members of WNA’s Palliative & End-of-Life Care Nursing Coalition MIG are developing a strategic plan for the newly formed Mutual Interest Group.  Join the PEOLC Nursing Coalition on our website under the “Groups” tab. RNs

You Were Represented





Practice Discussion on advancing Million Hearts 2022 Goals Conf Call 4/3
Legislation Meeting with Sec. Laura Gutierrez, Dept of Safety & Professional Services DSPS 4/3
Advocacy Attended National Council of State Boards of Nsg APRN Meeting Chicago 4/4
Education “Professional Nurses Day” Presentation, Team Based Care & Hypertension Rice Lake 4/5
Education Ways to Lose Your RN License – WNA SYFY Workshop Green Bay 4/6
Legislation Update on APRN Legislation Strategy – WNA APRN Conference Green Bay 4/6
Legislation Meeting with Rep. Joe Sanfillepo, chair of the Assembly Health Committee State Capitol 4/11
Advocacy WNA Healthy Nurses for WI MIG Meeting WNA 4/12
Education Professional Accountability & Policy Presentation Edgewood College SON Madison 4/20
Advocacy Planning for Press Conference on Nurse License Plate Call 4/21
Leadership ANA Meeting to discuss Bylaw changes Call 4/21
Legislation Testimony to Assembly Health Committee – Vaccination by Pharmacy Students State Capitol 4/26
Legislation APRN Legislation Update to WI Organization of Nurse Executives WI Dells 4/26
Membership & Grant Exhibited at Jail Health Conference and met with nurses regarding Beyond 50% Accurate Blood Pressure measurement WI Dells 5/8
Membership Organized and hosted press conference on the new nurse license plates WNA 5/10
Legislation APRN Coalition Meeting to discuss APRN legislation WNA 5/10
Policy Attended Board of Nursing Meeting Madison  5/11
Policy WI APRN Coalition Outreach & Communication Meeting Call  5/11
Education Meeting WCMEW Conference Planning Committee Call  5/12
Leadership Meeting with ANA Rep to discuss proposed ANA Bylaw changes Call  5/12
Membership Presented WNA Future Nurse Leader Award Statewide  5/14
Leadership WNA Board of Directors Meeting WNA  5/15
Grant Webinar on WNA Patient-Centered Team-Based Care – MetaStar Call  5/16
Advocacy WNA Workforce Advocacy Council Meeting Call  5/16
Grant Expert Panel on Hypertension and Team-Based Care WNA  5/17
Membership Reception for Aurora Health System Board Chair, Joanne Dish, MSN, PhD Milwaukee  5/18
Policy WNA Public Policy Council Meeting WNA  5/20
Membership WNA Rapid Response Call on Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact Call  5/23
Policy Testimony in support of funding hospitals offering APN preceptors State Capitol 5/24
Practice WNA Tri-Council Meeting Call 5/24
Leadership Wisconsin Nursing Coalition Meeting WNA 5/25
Membership WNA Rapid Response Call on Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact Call 5/30

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