Correctional Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice


A new professional resource developed by an ANA-convened workgroup of nurse experts, from all across their practice specialty, who comprehensively updated and expanded the 2007 edition. The result of their insightful work: an entirely new work that presents the essentials of contemporary correctional nursing in its full context. This is the one-volume delineation of competent nursing practice and professional performance common to and expected from correctional registered nurses, whatever their practice level or setting. Of particular note: the detailed discussions of the specialty’s historical/legal aspects and its many practice settings, and a succinct framework for ethical nursing practice in the correctional setting.

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Table of Contents:

Principles That Guide Correctional Nursing

Professional Nursing Ethics in the Correctional Setting

Correctional Registered Nurses

Advanced Practice Registered Nurses in the Correctional Setting

Executive Nurse Leadership in the Correctional Setting

Educational Preparation for Correctional Nurses

Specialty Certification in Correctional Nursing

Trends and Issues in Correctional Nursing

New Technology

Administrative Segregation

Collaboration and Entrepreneurship

Summary of the Scope of Correctional Nursing Practice

Standards of Correctional Nursing Practice

Standards of Practice for Correctional Nursing

Standard 1. Assessment

Standard 2. Diagnosis

Standard 3. Outcomes Identification

Standard 4. Planning

Standard 5. Implementation

Standard 5A. Coordination of Care

Standard 5B. Health Teaching and Health Promotion

Standard 5C. Consultation

Standard 5D. Prescriptive Authority and Treatment

Standard 6. Evaluation

Standards of Professional Performance for Correctional Nursing

Standard 7. Ethics

Standard 8. Education

Standard 9. Evidence-Based Practice and Research

Standard 10. Quality of Practice

Standard 11. Communication

Standard 12. Leadership

Standard 13. Collaboration

Standard 14. Professional Practice Evaluation

Standard 15. Resource Utilization

Standard 16. Environmental Health

References and Bibliography

Appendix A. Corrections Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice(2007)